The Scale

I threw out my scale. Well, I didn’t really throw out the scale. But it sits in the bathroom being unused. I’ve read online there are different ways to measure your weight. Always remember to weigh yourself at the same time wearing the same thing. (I prefer wearing nothing because it’s easier than remembering to not wear a certain outfit so that I don’t think it’s in the wash.)

  1. Weigh yourself every day. This way you can see if you’re getting on track, or getting off track. I used to do this, but then I would be disappointed that I would lose 3 pounds in one day, and then gain 5 the next. I never thought about my weight fluctuating because of things like dehydration, bloating, gaining muscle, stress. So this didn’t work for me, it only made me more upset.
  2. Weigh yourself once a week. Keep yourself accountable by at least checking in. This actually might work better. For me, this doesn’t work. The type of job I have, (I’m a barista, explains why coffee is a big part of my life) I’m not always home/awake/ready to weigh myself at the same time.
  3. Weigh yourself once a month. Another more non-frequent way to check the progress. This one might actually be a little more helpful because then you can say “Oh! I lost 6 pounds this month!” Which is an attainable goal; because if weight loss is your objective then 2 pounds a week max is a healthy way to do it. Or you can look back and say “I gained 6 pounds. What did I do wrong this month? Oh yeah, I had too much pizza/not enough water/etc”.
  4. Throw out the scale. Now, it all depends on your fitness goals. I like to measure my body with a measuring tape, but then I also have to take into account of bloating, being swollen, inflammation, etc. This method also works with your clothes and taking accountability pictures. Preferably take the pictures once a week in the same outfit. This I have clothes on, but not necessarily the same outfit. I just focus on my target areas.

My boyfriend thinks I’m crazy because every day I mention something new about my body. He’s just at the point where he says he’s just going to keep working out and trying to eat healthy and won’t weigh himself or check himself out until after a few months. I think that’s a pretty good idea too. I think because there’s a few ways to do this, find what works for you. If you’re getting frustrated with one method, try another. I like the picture taking because I like to compare my progress, but I take pictures maybe once every 2 weeks because I get so busy or focused on things. That’s why I’ll never win one of those contests where they say take a picture on day 1 and day 30, because it’ll be day 35 and I won’t have the time but I just remembered.

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